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  1. thelma straw says:

    Earl, love this!!!!! Would say I love you – but I’m not fresh! Puhleeze finish the next Tall Book!!!!! Thelma

  2. cynthiamc1 says:

    Makes me love him even more 🙂

  3. Marja McGraw says:

    Very entertaining interview! Got to know Tall a little, and yet there was some humor in it. Thanks, Earl!

  4. mmgornell says:

    What an interesting–and as Marja said, entertaining interview! Tallmadge–who would have guessed? Hope you didn’t go outside for while as Tall suggested…


    • EARL STAGGS says:

      Don’t worry, Madeline. I stayed indoors until I was sure it was over. Besides, there wasn’t much left out there after Tall and his crew finished. They don’t mess around.

  5. Love character interviews, Earl. Good to learn more about Tall. I hope his job across the street didn’t mess up your writing day.

  6. Kaye Barley says:

    Dang, I thought I left a comment a little earlier. You don’t suppose I said something to upset Tall do you !

  7. Great interview, Earl. He sounds like quite a hunk! Next time, could you do a TV interview with him? The ladies would LOVE that!

  8. Great interview, Earl. You must be very thirsty after all that gulping! Keep the words flowing, and the fun!

    • EARL STAGGS says:

      Hey, Ant Jan! Hanging out with Tall can leave you dry-mouthed, that’s for sure. Another thing for sure is if we don’t have some fun along the way, this writing thing is all work. So let’s keep the words and the fun flowing.

  9. I, too, love it when characters interact with “us”. Thanks for the interview and sharing your work.

  10. bellwriter says:

    This sounds like a fantastic series. Well done!

  11. Ben Solomon says:

    Swell stuff, Earl. Plenty of pep and pizazz. Can I suggest you include such as a bonus in your next work? Or perhaps noted as a link to the web page?

    • EARL STAGGS says:

      Thanks for visiting, Ben, and thanks for the suggestions. I just read your Pandereos Ajax story on KRL and enjoyed it. Best wishes for continued success with your writing.

      • Ben Solomon says:

        Thanks for the hat tip, Earl. It’s awfully generous when established authors take time out for unknowns. Thanks for making the sandbox bigger.

  12. beccaswope says:

    Earl: somebody has hacked your website and your email. Got a really weird email stating you were in Manila with no money. sigh….

  13. mmcewenasker says:

    Tall sounds like a great guy, but that interviewer …

  14. mmcewenasker says:

    p.s. both links fail to connect. Should I complain to Tall or that gulping interviewer : )

  15. EARL STAGGS says:

    Either of us will do, but Tall is much more interesting than that silly interviewer. Thanks for coming by!

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